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E-commerce industry is very vast and is still growing. In 2022, sales were $5.7 trillion, up from $1.3 trillion in 2014. By 2026, they will be worth $8 trillion. This rise shows how popular online shopping has become. So, with good e-commerce SEO, your store can reach this vast market.

By using SEO, you will understand your customers better, like where they’re from and how they reach you. It’s more than keywords and links. You need to have an understanding of how search engines work and what your customers want.

With good SEO, your store will become easier to reach, which will result in more sales and profits. Get in touch with us now for best-in-business ecommerce SEO London.

What Are E-Commerce SEO Trends In 2024?

Keep an eye on these E-commerce SEO trends in 2024:

Cash The Unlimited Potential of E-Commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is about making your online shop more visible in search engine results. When customers search for products you offer, you need to rank as high as possible to attract more traffic.

It’s more than just integrating keywords. You need to know how search engines work and what they prefer. This includes how you set up your website, how quickly it runs, and how you promote your products.

When people search for products you sell, your store will appear higher. If your SEO is good, this can bring you more visitors and more purchases. London ecommerce SEO is a big part of making your online business grow.

Potential of E-Commerce SEO

What is E-commerce SEO Optimisation Checklist?

What Are Benefits of Hiring Wixdek for E-Commerce SEO London?

Hiring Wixdek for E-commerce SEO is a wise choice. It’s our job to make sure that people can find your online shop easily.

Our SEO ecommerce agency London knows exactly what keywords to use to make your website appear higher in SERP. Wixdek can also speed up and simplify your website, which is advantageous to both customers and search engines.

Your website will always be up-to-date because we follow the latest SEO guidelines and trends.

Wix SEO London

How Does Your E-Commerce Agency London Drive Organic Traffic Using SEO Strategies?

E-commerce companies apply various strategies that boost your online store’s visibility without spending money on ads. They research to identify the right keywords that customers use when searching for products. It also helps your store appear higher in SERP when people search.

They also write good content about your products, which makes search engines and people more often visit your website. The experts create your website in a way that everything will be easy to find and understand. Plus, they work to get other websites to link to yours, which shows that your site is valuable and trustworthy.

How To Improve Product Descriptions Step-By-Step?

  1. Choose Keywords: Find words that clients use to search for your products.
  2. Write Clear Titles: Use those keywords in your product titles.
  3. Explain Benefits: Inform people why having your product is wonderful. Choose an easier language.
  4. Use Keywords in Descriptions: Don’t forget to use your keywords in the descriptions of your products too.
  5. Keep it Short and Sweet: Create shorter descriptions with helpful information.
  6. Use Bullet Points: List necessary features or advantages to make it easy to read.

Keep URLs simple and easy to understand for better SEO. Describe the content on the page using suitable words. For example, if you’re marketing blue sneakers, your URL could be something like ‘www.yourstore.com/blue-sneakers’.

Also, make sure URLs are short. Not only are long URLs unappealing, but they’re also hard to remember. Search engines can better index and display your content when you include relevant keywords in your URLs.

Why online store URLs should be SEO-friendly?

Social media has become crucial for E-commerce SEO. More people will see your store if you share your items and information on social media. More people will visit your website if they like and share your posts.

Doing so can improve your website’s ranking in SERPs. In order to connect with your customers and learn what they want, social media is extremely valuable.

Is social media helpful in e-commerce SEO?

What Are Top Tools And Plugins For E-Commerce SEO?

SEO tools and plugins help make your online store rank higher on search engines. These tools and plugins do this by finding issues, providing solutions, and making it easy to see how well your website is doing. SEO becomes much more manageable and effective with the right tools and plugins. Here is a full list of some of the best tools and plug-ins you can use:

Try These Must-Have Tools

Google Analytics (GA4): This tool provides in-depth data on your site’s visitors, including where they came from and their actions while on your website. It’s essential to know your target audience well.

SEMRush: A full-featured tool that helps you find keywords, keep an eye on your site’s ranking, and study competitors. It’s great for a deep dive into SEO.

Moz Pro: It offers a suite of tools for keyword research, site audits, and link analysis. It’s easy to use and ideal for both beginner and experienced users.

Ahrefs: It is famous for its backlink analysis but also has tools for planning content and researching keywords. Having this knowledge about your website’s link profile is priceless.

Screaming Frog: This desktop tool crawls websites and looks at things like URLs, metadata, and response codes that are important for SEO. It’s ideal for technical SEO audits.

Meta tags are short pieces of text explaining your page’s content to search engines.

The title tag is the name of the web page and ought to contain relevant and catchy keywords. The meta description is a short summary of what’s on the page and is created to make people intrigued to click on it. Alt text for images is also essential; it describes what the images are about, helping web crawlers understand them better.

By applying these tags correctly, search engines can easily understand your page’s content, which will make your page appear higher in search results.

What Is The Role of Meta Tags In E-Commerce SEO?

What Kind of SEO Services Does Wixdek Offer Me?

A key component of link-building for e-commerce websites is acquiring inbound links from other websites. This is important because it informs search engines that many people trust your website. This can be accomplished by making material that is so compelling that people want to link to and share it.

You can also request other website owners to provide inbound links to your website. Also, write articles for other sites and link them to your own. Sharing your content on social media websites can inspire people to link to your website.

How Site Speed Impacts E-Commerce SEO Rankings?

Search engines love it when your page loads fast. Websites that load instantly receive higher rankings in searches. If your site is slow, it may not do as well in search results. Website visitors hate waiting for content to load, so if yours is too slow, they will just give up and go elsewhere.

A fast-loading website makes shopping more straightforward and faster for customers. This is very important to customers who shop on smartphones because they need websites that load quickly and make shopping more fun for your customers.

How Does Your E-Commerce SEO London Agency Boost Online Sales?

E-commerce SEO agencies can boost online sales by making your online store more visible to customers searching for products. To do this, they use the Right Keywords while creating content that is both informative and engaging. This will get more people to visit your website.

They also focus on having your Website Load Quickly and Efficiently so that clients are satisfied and more willing to make a purchase. Also, agencies will assist you in figuring out what your clients want and how to deliver it to them.

Wixdek can do all of these and more — matchlessly.

Boost Online Sales
  • Yoast SEO: This WordPress plugin helps you manage keywords, develop sitemaps, and improve your content. A lot of people use it because it’s easy to use and has helpful tips.
  • All-in-One SEO Pack: This is another excellent WordPress tool for people who are new to SEO. It goes over the basics, like sitemaps and meta tags.
  • SEOPress: This simple but robust tool helps you make titles and descriptions that are good for SEO and keep track of information about social media shares.
  • Rank Math: With built-in recommendations based on generally recognised best practices, it helps in content optimisation. It also enables you to keep track of how effectively your SEO is doing.
  • WooCommerce SEO by Yoast: Custom-made for WooCommerce, it brings Yoast SEO’s features to product pages, making them more visible in search engines.

Top Plugins To Boost SEO Productivity

E-commerce SEO can be challenging, and some typical errors could damage your website’s performance. These mistakes can be anything from technical oversights to mistakes in the text. 

  • Ignoring Mobile Users: A significant number of people browse the internet on their phones, so it’s essential to make sure your website works well on those phones.
  • Slow Site Speed: People leave websites that take a long time to load. Make sure your website loads quickly so that potential customers stay on it.
  • Not Using Keywords Properly: Using too many keywords can hurt your SEO. Use keywords in your writing in a smart and natural way.
  • Poor Product Descriptions: It’s crucial to have unique, high-quality product overviews.
  • Ignoring Analytics: Tools like Google Analytics can inform you a lot about how well your website is doing and how people are using it.

Common Mistakes In E-Commerce SEO

In order for search engines to find and index your content faster, your website needs to have a sitemap. It makes it simpler for search engines like Google to crawl and figure out the structure of your website by listing all of its pages and content. This is very important for online stores that have many products for sale.

You can significantly improve the SEO of your e-commerce website by using these tools to make and submit a sitemap. This will make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your pages, which will result in more visibility and higher rankings in search results.

What is Role of a Sitemap in E-Commerce SEO?