Who We Are – The digital substratum for your business’ roots Created from the experience and expertise of the pioneering independent digital marketing specialists, the goal is to make Wixdek the perfect solution for thousands of online businesses and entrepreneurs who prefer to focus on their business, not their technology. We are obsessed with excellence. The team at Wixdek will spend hours looking for that perfect word, the most elegant design approach, the cleanest lines of code. We keep setting the bar higher, and time after time our team clears it by a mile.

Methodology – The Wixdek Way

The “Wixdek Way” takes a media-centric and audience-first approach to digital marketing. It’s different from traditional marketing due to the preferences of the internet-empowered prospect, and thereby accomplishes what great marketing is supposed to do. It also presents the opportunity to shift marketing from an expense to a profit centre. Our proprietary in-house technology allows us to build sophisticated websites for clients at a fraction of the usual time and expense. In our view, modern «website development» really begins by interacting with the target audience through a creative and personalized media approach that is aided by technology, but not subservient to it.
No Black hat SEO Technique
technical seo

We put digital strategy first in order to create content that aligns your objectives with customer success. With that in place, our website, email, automation, and personalization technology allow us to efficiently create complete digital experiences that attract, engage, and convert your ideal prospects, while also retaining existing customers and clients.

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One-stop platform that provides solutions to all your digital queries:

1: “Which social platforms should we be on?”
Social media strategy, planning and execution

2: “How can we ensure people can find us on Google?”
Search engine optimization – SEO

3: “Our website needs a major overhaul. Where do we start?”
Web design and development

4: “We know we need to create more graphic content.”
Video, VFX and custom animation

5: “We want to run a killer digital campaign.”
Content strategy and execution

6: “How do I make my online business skyrocket?”
Ecommerce websites and marketing campaigns

7: “How do we do those ads that follow you around the internet?”
Paid search, display and retargeting campaigns – PPC

8: “We don’t know where to begin with digital!”
End-to-end digital marketing consulting

Convenient. Cooperative. Cost-effective.
Assign the complete one-for-all solution for SEO and Digital Marketing.
Keyword And Market Research
Wixdek aims to provide the leading and most innovative technological advancements to our clients. Our teams are dedicated to working with a research-centric mindset to keep up with the contemporary ideals of digital marketing.
Graphics And Engaging Content
Wixdek’s professional content creators are well-versed in their fields. For your content marketing strategy to be effective, you need high-quality content with a clear message that permeates every platform, we bring the best to you.
Interactive Marketing Approach
Wixdek takes marketing initiatives that are triggered by our customers’ behaviors and preferences. Our customer-centric way of work means we react to customer actions and strive to meet their expectations and demands.
Feature-Driven Development
At Wixdek, when we take on projects we consider a relatively user-centric approach to creating and enhancing our digital products. So when we put them out there, they tend to be more engaging, easier to understand and navigate hence, contributes to user satisfaction. Eager to learn more about Wixdek? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.