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In this era, where hundreds of customers are only a search away from finding your business, you can not be taking local SEO for granted. More than 50% of all searches globally are of local intent. If you’re not putting your business on the map for people to find you, they simply won’t.
Local SEO has become a crucial aspect of a business’ marketing strategy. If you don’t leverage Local SEO at the right time with the right agency, your business will remain unnoticed and far from achieving its true potential.

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    What is Local SEO?

    Local SEO is the process of optimising a website in order to increase traffic, leads, conversions and brand awareness from local search. Factors associated with local SEO include local keyword research, creating a Google My Business profile, acquiring high authority local links and building “NAP” citations.
    It’s essentially based on how well you’ve developed your GMB profile and optimised your Map Pack. The Map Pack is based on three local business results, putting your business on the Google Maps, organic local search engine results page (SERPs) and NAP citations.
    There are several SEO signals unique to Local SEO. Wixdek can offer them as a one-time service, a set of related services or a fully fledged Local SEO campaign covering all aspects your business might require.

    Our full range of Local SEO Services are:

    • Setting Up GMB Profiles

    Google is the ultimate search engine. Setting up a flawless GMB profile is the first step towards dominating your local market. You might be thinking of doing it yourself but to truly make it work you need the help local SEO experts who understand Google’s regulations, like we do.

    • Creating NAP Citations

    NAPs are a huge ranking factor for local SEO. Google uses NAPs to ensure that your business’ information is authentic and relevant to the search location of a user. The more your NAP citations appear the better. However, utilizing them in the right way is an art. And we are the artists who can help you.

    • Optimizing GMB Profiles

    Only setting up a GMB profile isn’t enough. You have to make your profile truly optimized for Google to stand-out in the crowd. Our technical SEO expert track record says we never fail to make your local business rank better!

    • Local Keyword Research

    Keyword research is crucial in SEO, but it becomes more important for Local search. Understanding audience behaviours and search density is a job only a professional SEO analyst can do in a result-oriented way.

    • Local PPC

    Pay-per-click (PPC) is still a leading tactic for search engine marketing. Whether it’s Google Ads, Social Media Ads or other Local Ads, you need a great strategy for running PPC that brings you results. We are the PPC experts in you need!

    • Link Building

    Link building services are a key part for Local SEO and increasing your brand authority overall. Google encourages high quality backlinks, and we know how to acquire them for your business.

    • Reporting KPIs

    Wixdek’s data analysis and reporting has always been on-point. We breakdown important KPIs and statistics in our reports so they are completely transparent and easy to comprehend for our clients. Of course, it’s significant to have timely reporting and track progress for you too!

    • Local SEO Audits

    Local SEO audits are entirely different from normal SEO audits. They focus on your locations, competitors and user intentions in a specific way. If your local business isn’t ranking the way you want it to, Get a Local SEO audit right now!

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      How do I find Local SEO agency?

      The biggest mistake many businesses make when approaching local SEO services is hiring amateurs to save money, or on the other side of the spectrum, paying too much to self-proclaimed experts without generating any results. The right thing to do is to find a trusted SEO company in UK that understand your business needs and fulfils them in your desired budget.
      The only Local SEO agency that can do that for you is Wixdek. With a team of pioneering experts trained and seasoned in every digital marketing domain, Wixdek offers high quality services in a cost-effective manner.
      We have earned our reputation as the widely renowned SEO Elites by helping businesses of all scales and categories realise their ideals of reaching more relevant audience and gaining more clients in the most affordable Local SEO packages.

      To learn more about how a perfect SEO Strategy works Get free SEO Consultation from our experts today!

      Why choose Wixdek for Local SEO?

      Convenient. Cooperative. Cost-effective.
      Assign the complete one-for-all solution for Local SEO and Digital Marketing.


      All-Inclusive Analysis

      An efficient online accession relies on a strategy representative of your brand identity and business goals. Wixdek strategy experts identify every growth opportunity for your business, enriched with reliable data points and unique tactics to amplify results. Our initial analysis includes market, keyword and competitor research.


      Certified Google Partners

      Don’t just work with any experts, work with the experts recognised by Google. Who can know search engines better than the search engine certified professionals? Wixdek had achieved multiple milestones in their journey to become your trusted digital marketing agency, one of them is being Certified Google Partners.


      User-centric Approach

      Ensuring the satisfaction and engagement of your user is the key of a more profitable organic traffic. Wixdek complies with an interactive marketing approach. The focus is on the audience, because they build the business you’re doing. We strive to meet your audience’s demands so you become their first choice.

      Data-driven Development

      For professionals at Wixdek, our expertise comes from experience and a consistent challenge of our knowledge. To realize forecasts, measure results or conduct deep analysis, we always refer to trustworthy and relevant data and ensure transparency. Data is the core of our research to validate ranking theories while testing algorithms and updates, embedded in our exclusive services.

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      How is Local SEO different from SEO?

      In simpler terms, Local SEO is a sub-category of SEO. There is an array of services for SEO, and their scope can be defined both nationally or internationally, meanwhile local SEO focuses on limited aspects based on your geographical locations.

      How can I improve my Local SEO rankings?

      It takes expertise in several areas, like content, on-page SEO, and understanding Google’s Local business regulations. The best way to see results in due time is to hire a team of SEO experts that can work as an extension of your real team. You can outsource Wixdek to do the job for you!

      Why should I hire experts for Local SEO?

      Leaving the job to industry professionals not only saves your time and money but also brings you state-of-the-art resources and tools to achieve more in less. Especially, if the digital marketing agency in UK offers you competitive prices. It’s a win-win. You get greater return on investment (ROI) with the least possible investment.

      Can you guarantee results within a timespan? 

      Can we guarantee an improvement in your visibility within a range of time? Definitely yes. But, can we say for sure that you’ll be on the top? Not at all. We believe in being sincere when guiding our clients. Whether you do a complete SEO campaign or just one part of the service, results will not be exactly as you hoped because search engine algorithms change all the time. A consistent, long-term and patient effort is what makes the cut.

      How do I run a large-scale SEO campaign on a budget?

      Wixdek was created by pioneering experts with the sole aim of assisting businesses in achieving their true potential. We take pride in our affordable and competitive pricings. We make sure to bring you your desired ROI and beyond.

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      After multiple delays from my previous website developer, Wixdek took over the project. They were easy to communicate with, professional and highly competent. They completed the work very quickly, which allowed us to hit our launch target and would highly recommend their services.
      Charles Ogunrinde
      Wixdek, have provided us with good quality service, they have been working with us step by step on building a working website for our business. They have also been understanding in spreading payments during this hard time due to COVID 19. Thomas who handles our account, has always provided us with ideas to reach our customers faster
      Charles Ogunrinde
      Victoria Lane
      Jack prepared a fresh new website for us which we are really pleased with 🙂 he was always around to answer our questions and helped to provide a professional and content driven website. We are now working with jack on SEO work and hope that this will drive more customers to our website
      Victoria Lane
      Fola Sutherland
      Thomas was very professional and always answered all of our questions in a timely manner. He really helped improved our Google rankings and gave us detailed reports which helped us to track progress. Thank you so much!
      Fola Sutherland
      Eliana Alvarez
      I have been using Wixdek for over a year now and so far i am very pleased with their service. They have advisors that are eager to assist me wherever I face a problem. The quality and service they provide is of great value considering the fee they charge. I will definitely recommend them.
      Eliana Alvarez
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