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Google’s November 2023 Core Update Unveiled: What You Need to Know!

Google Core Update Alert
Google Core Update Alert

Prepare for a digital revolution! Google’s November 2023 Core Update is Here

It’s time to talk about some upcoming update in the world of Google Search. We know you rely on Google to find the most Relevant and Helpful Content, and they’re constantly working to make that User Experience even better.

Here’s a quick Q&A to keep you in the loop:

What are core updates?

Core updates are essential changes to Google’s ranking systems. They improve how search results are generated and ensure that you get the best results possible. Google is rolling out the November 2023 core update starting today.

What’s actually going to happen?

This month’s core update focuses on improving a different core system than last month’s update. Google is also enhancing its reviews system, which will happen regularly without notifications. Creators who do reviews should stay updated on this.

 Pay attention to key metrics!

Google does thousands of updates each year, but they only share about the most notable ones. In 2021, they shared 10 updates, and in 2022, another 10. Expect similar numbers in 2023. If you notice a change in traffic after an update.

Check Following Google’s guidance specific to that update for potential improvements:

Got concerns about traffic drops?

If you experience a traffic drop after an update, it’s not necessarily related to spam. Look into other non-spam content issues. 

Why do they share updates?

Google shares updates to provide guidance when sites see changes. You can find these updates on the Google Search Status Dashboard, subscribe to their RSS feed for alerts, and access historical information.

Holiday season updates?

Google tries to avoid updates during the late-November to mid-December holiday shopping season, but if they have improvements ready, they release them.

How do they ensure updates work?

Google rigorously evaluates updates by analyzing metrics to determine their impact and effectiveness in improving search results.

Stay tuned for a better search experience!

According to Danny Sullivan, public liaison for Google Search

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