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Ecommerce PPC

Ecommerce PPC

Many businesses choose ecommerce PPC because of its scalability and measurability. It allows you to track which ecommerce ads perform well and make adjustments to ensure optimum results. Several ecommerce advertising platforms, such as Google AdWords, Amazon Advertising and Google Shopping, aim to drive visitors to your site. These PPC channels give you the opportunity to convert page visitors into customers.
As part of our Google Ads management, we offer specialist shopping feed optimisation and maintenance to help ensure your feed is performing at its best, so you place ads in front of potential customers.

Ecommerce advertising is a great way to generate qualified traffic from high-intent buyers. 

It allows you to:
⦁ Create brand awareness
⦁ Improve your digital marketing strategies
⦁ Reach out to your target audience
⦁ Build consumer trust
⦁ Gain new customers through search visibility
⦁ Perform advertising analyses
⦁ Build a positive brand image
⦁ Generate a higher return on investment (ROI)

Dominate the digital landscape at the top of Google with product listings

Google Shopping Ads, known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs), is a solution for ecommerce businesses who want to drive more sales and revenue through their websites. It’s proved and delivered an excellent ROI for many of our clients. Google Shopping Ads appear at the top of the search results, with a product title, price and image.
Getting started on Google Shopping can seem a bit daunting, Wixdek IT can take that weight off your shoulders. We have a wealth of experience with all sorts of ecommerce clients, from building feeds and campaigns, elevating existing accounts to the next level, and everything in between.
Before we start any advertising, we ensure that your product feed is fully optimised to meet Google’s requirements. We’ll also work with you to devise strategies based on your business goals and priorities, then we can create advertising campaigns to start driving revenue.
As part of our Google Ads management, we offer specialist shopping feed optimisation and maintenance to help ensure your feed is performing at its best, so you place ads in front of potential customers.
Are you ready to find out the best Ecommerce PPC campaign for your business? Talk to us today, or find out more about how we run ecommerce optimisation and SEO

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    Why Is Wixdek The Most Favourable Option?

    At Wixdek IT, we make bespoke digital marketing strategies and Online Appearance for your business, every single aspect is only true to your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to digital marketing. Your business must appear as an individual entity among all others, and that is something you will only achieve with Wixdek IT. We do not work as an outsider, but as an extension of your own team. We bring to you what we know would benefit you the most, there is no service that you won’t find with us. We maintain our reputation as an all-around company to deal with everything you need for your business to excel on its digital platform.

    Created from the experience and expertise of the pioneering independent digital marketing specialists, the goal is to make Wixdek the perfect solution for thousands of online businesses and entrepreneurs who prefer to focus on their business, not their technology.

    Wixdek offers our clients and customers a hand. With Wixdek, they can …

    SEO Optimization

    With us, you have access to powerful keyword research and optimization. Our SEO allows you to expand the audience for your content when you reach out to relevant audience and gain more traffic.

    Web Design & Development

    Everything is organized by business objectives (design, content, engagement, conversion, results) that help you focus on attracting traffic and making sales instead of fiddling with technology.

    Social Marketing

    Even great businesses need an initial catalyst to be discovered and shared wider. We create high-performing social campaigns and develop a dedicated customer-oriented platform.

    Content Marketing

    Our experts show you how to balance your overall content, assist you to refine and gently tweak your content so it ranks well in search engines while still performing great in engaging customers.

    PPC Advertising

    Broaden your horizons and broadcast your business across multiple platforms. With Wixdek you can plan, execute and optimize a refined, goal-focused ad campaign.


    We pride ourselves on responsive ecommerce design and development and work closely with you to deliver a comprehensive platform that meets the needs of your business as well as your customers.

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    After multiple delays from my previous website developer, Wixdek took over the project. They were easy to communicate with, professional and highly competent. They completed the work very quickly, which allowed us to hit our launch target and would highly recommend their services.
    Charles Ogunrinde
    Wixdek, have provided us with good quality service, they have been working with us step by step on building a working website for our business. They have also been understanding in spreading payments during this hard time due to COVID 19. Thomas who handles our account, has always provided us with ideas to reach our customers faster
    Charles Ogunrinde
    Victoria Lane
    Jack prepared a fresh new website for us which we are really pleased with 🙂 he was always around to answer our questions and helped to provide a professional and content driven website. We are now working with jack on SEO work and hope that this will drive more customers to our website
    Victoria Lane
    Fola Sutherland
    Thomas was very professional and always answered all of our questions in a timely manner. He really helped improved our Google rankings and gave us detailed reports which helped us to track progress. Thank you so much!
    Fola Sutherland
    Eliana Alvarez
    I have been using Wixdek for over a year now and so far i am very pleased with their service. They have advisors that are eager to assist me wherever I face a problem. The quality and service they provide is of great value considering the fee they charge. I will definitely recommend them.
    Eliana Alvarez

    Flexible Pricing Plans

    We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
    develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.

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